Topics regarding layoffs at FirstEnergy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at FirstEnergy Corp.


Well folks can't say I didn't warn you... Make sure everyone is working hard, cross training, and being the best in their department. Let the hunger games begin!

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People retire and immediately go work for our embedded contractors. People accept perks and gifts like a King receiving tribute. Meanwhile, you can’t get a promotion if you don’t check certain boxes ever since management lost a few STIP dollars for... —  read more 

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Q4 and full year earnings

Would anyone like to discuss the results? Ill just leave this here - - - -

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FE-FORWARD is nothing but a chopping block. Update your resumes boys and girls, the axe is coming out. Hopefully you are more valuable than your counterpart. Buckle up, sit tight, and enter the sl------r house.

Carl Icahn Has Invaded

In case you're interested in how Carl operates, check out some of his other companies listed on this site. Look at or You can all kiss your benefits goodbye unless you're in a... —  read more 

FirstEnergy Layoffs

Cuts are coming. Hurt. Pain. It's bad and it could have been avoided. Oh, man... SHIPPINGPORT — Several local agencies are teaming up with state officials to create a plan that would help displaced workers in the event of mass layoffs at FirstEnergy... —  read more 

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Any news about cuts? FirstEnergy had no public announcement on the topic but I hear that some people are bing downsized.

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Long overdue downsizing

We've added so much headcount that it's not funny any more. Some people spend hours on Facebook and do nothing all day. How did we get here FirstEnergy used to be a great company but now it is just bad. I would not be surprised if the execs make a... —  read more 

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