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Exelon Layoffs 2019

Do you predict that there will be Exelon Layoffs in 2019?
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Layoffs at Valhalla Exelon

We just found out major layoffs are coming our way in September and October... There are not many of us at Valhalla as it is, take away half of that... I'm really not sure how this location will continue to function after that... Sad days here... read more
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Exelon layoffs June 2018

Exelon is laying off 84 employees from he Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in Lacey Township. The company claims that they all chose to leave on their own, but I call bull. If they were offered other positions instead of the ones being eliminated... read more

Exelon Layoffs 2018

I left a few years back right now - but still have good friend over there working, happily - now I am hearing that you may have job cuts in Chicago.

Exelon Layoffs 2017

If you think about things in a rational way (not many people can do that - look at the latest election results), all business problems may lead to job cuts and reductions in Chicago.
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Exelon Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Exelon layoffs in Chicago in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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