Topics regarding layoffs at National Grid PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at National Grid PLC

Still not a terrible place yet

Worked here for a long time but still have a little while left. Started in electric ended up in gas. Crazy place no matter where you are. Gas has gotten a lot crazier in the past year or two. Crazy busy work all the time and more keeps coming. Lots... — read more 

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Upstate New York Problems

More work every year being driven through a perpetually understaffed, overworked, and exhausted gas operations team. Many leaders say they are “listening” but the answer is always basically the same: “Wow that sounds really challenging. Yeah... — read more 

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Not what it used to be

Been working in Syracuse NY for Grid since 2001. My department is pretty good but lots of people are more and more unhappy in other groups. Directors are out of touch with the work and mangers just keep increasing pressure. Told my kids not to apply... — read more 

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Tom King's legacy

We'll remember him as a guy who brought National Grid to its knees. Upstate NY folks just hate him. We'll be letting more people go, we lost over 10% of people over last several years and National Grid is not the same company any more. If you can go... — read more 

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