Thread regarding PG&E Corp. layoffs

How bad will it get?

I'm worried that PG&E will use this opportunity to get rid of whoever they want, especially older employees who make more money, with no consequences and smaller severance.

We all know it will get bad, but I'm afraid it might get much worse than many expect.

Good luck to all!

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Lean (less employees are needed) is being rolled out at PGE.....downsizing will be next.

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I'm in the hiring process with PG&E for a Gas Service Division job. I currently have a County job making decent money but less than I'd make at PG&E. I'm currently vested with benefits and on track to retire with a 2.5 at 55 formula. I'm 34 years old so I have some ways to go. My question is, with the turmoil the Gas division of PG&E has been facing and the prospective of being sold, would it be the wrong move to leave the county with it's great benefits but less pay for PG&E when the future is uncertain??

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" Well you did burn down half a state."...a common, ill-informed, reactionary statement. So, are you the type person that throws rocks at the crew trucks trying to do their job in the best way they are able?
Many long time experienced field employees have informed upper management,for years, regarding the degrading condition of the supply system, both electric and Gas. These employees report, surveys and recommendations for improvement, fell on deaf ears. Why? Simple answer, the enormous cost of these improvements to the system directly affects and reduces the quarterly bonuses management receives. Front line, on the ground repair Crews... are not responsible for the decades-long degradation of the entire system, those controlling budget allocations, with a personal financial element in the forefront of their structuring department budgets... Are.

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I work for a large company that went through 2008-9 hard times. They used 3 layoffs to both cut costs AND Reformat the company.

Layoff #1 and four months later #2 got rid of the dead wood and undesirables.

Four months later was the third and final layoff. This time they used a Different Rational.

Senior $$ Employees ( many of these top notch employees, but in the blue hair crowd ) were let go.

Note - layoff #3 it appears they took great pains to eliminate just enough under-40 workers to Hide their real target the 50+ long time experienced workers. Lawyers got to love them.

NOW I work for the reformatted company and have my own gray hair Mainly From working the last 9 years with the parade of Green $ Peas as they learned the ropes.

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That is beyond rude. My husband works for pge and HE did not burn down half the state. You want to blame a natural disaster on someone pge is a great choice. They could turn off power durning high winds and people will b--ch about no power. You can’t please anybody.

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