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Layoffs 2018 New Year’s edition

Look like last week as peaceful on the layoff front. Total for FY remains at 7,275 and at 17,275 since 6/1/2016.

Happy New Year all, BUT no not assume that all is well at oracle, chances of more significant layoffs on the new year remain high.

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@R0j6dGe-1zoe It is going to be a challenge for Oracle to increase real headcount. Perhaps, you mean to say, increase consultants head counts from India. Oracle isn't the best company the work with so they will not naturally attracting talents. Now, with waves of layoffs, unless someone don't have any better choices, they are not going to go for a suicidal mission. But, if someone want to join Oracle, make sure you get a good bargain salary, otherwise, the following years salary will be stagnant. Oracle Cloud isn't flying and hardware is failing, Oracle database sales going down from year to year which also impacting Support and Services revenue. Oracle basically have no real strategic partners.

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That would be in India and Rumania? Or that totally failed ‘class of program’ where they trick college kids to join oracle for 6 months at the most based on some total lies about what they’ll be doing?

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OMG! What are you talking about?! Hundred of millions left in the FY2018 restructuring reserve to pay for layoffs.

Please stop this nonsense you troll

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actually Oracle plans to increase the headcount (net) in 2018-2019

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