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finally happened.."..Oracle falls after report that Amazon, Salesforce are developing own databases .."

Oracle Corp. ORCL, -1.82% shares declined Tuesday after a report that Inc. AMZN, +1.53% and Inc. CRM, +1.83% are looking to end their respective deals for Oracle database software. The Information reported that Amazon and Salesforce are both developing their own internal solutions that will allow them to stop using Oracle's ubiquitous database offering, according to anonymous sources.

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The good old organized c strategy, except it’s not working that well for oracle any more - watch how cloud revenues are no longer growing. Only so many knee caps and windows you can threaten to break.

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Gift cards = Cloud credits

Do you have to buy them? When oracle decides you are out of compliance based on an audit, it wants money and makes you an offer you can’t refuse.

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Do you have to buy these Oracle gift cards when you get audited? Are gift cards also known as cloud credits???

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Meanwhile, this just in from AWS this week. An on-perm solution for its customers who want non cloud AWS options. :D

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80% my a--. They are just cannibalizing all of our on-prem investment and not counting it. Take development for example, On-prem product teams have been doing all the heavy lifting for OPC because none of the OPC people can do anything for themselves. So on paper our cloud looks really cost efficent because they run it with the cheapest people in the world. But in reality, it is at the expense of all of the other products, many of which still bring in a ton of revenue. All that on-prem rev is going to shrivel away because the entire dev org is basically running the cloud instead of keeping their own products competitive. It's like the reverse of cloud washing: On-prem revenue is cloud washed to look like cloud revenue. Cloud costs are "onprem washed" to make them look like on-prem costs. I'm in on-prem dev, and we are not allowed to work on anything that does not help the cloud guys. Our on-prem customers are out of luck.

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I just did a google search for Oracle Cloud Gift cards. I didn't find anything.

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Which raises an interesting question, why would sophisticated corporations be spending millions on gift card and then forget to use them? This doesn’t add up

Agreed. And where does Oracle sell these gift cards? At Walmart? I've never seen one sold at retail.

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Which raises an interesting question, why would sophisticated corporations be spending millions on gift card and then forget to use them? This doesn’t add up

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Oracle is selling gift cards to the cloud that people forget to use and they end up keeping all the money. Same concept. That's how you get to 80% margins.

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If you classify on-prem post-audit payments as cloud and don’t actually provide any cloud services, then a 80% margin is easy to hit. That has nothing in common with margins achieved by real cloud companies actually providing cloud services and making the multi-billion dollar investments required to have a real cloud business, but a real cloud business is not what oracle has or is looking to have, they just want to fool the stock market into believing that oracle has a cloud business so they can get a cloud valuation.

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SC adamantly stayed multiple times on the oracle earnings call that Mgmt is driving to achieve 80% cloud margins.

This is unheard of.

They may achieve it, but it won’t be sustainable.

ROTFL at this Mgmt team.

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I put my faith in Amazon. JB is smart. LE is old. AND, I have been in oracle cloud development and seen the worst. Nothing good is going to come out of the oracle mess.

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On Wall Street, a "long term" investment is 6 months. Can SC's juggling keep it alive that long? Easily. Pay no attention to day-to-day price moves.

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ORCL has already rebounded.

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I see Drexel Hamilton must also be hiring Millenials to do its research. This guy has no clue and couldn't hit the side of a barn.

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Never ever buy any oracle stock - heading for 0!

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Oh man this s---s. I started last year and signed up for the employee stock purchase program. I maxed on the 10% ESPP and now its down from the 5% discount from the couple of times my ESPP took effect. Should I sell my ORCL stock?

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Everything JB has touched has been forever transformed. The database is next.

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If JB is smart, he will take advantage of LE doubling the cost of oracle db under amazon. JB should go to their customers that were screwed over by LE, offer to move them onto amazon's db and then update their db to handle specific issues by those customers. Most likely, they don't really need an oracle db, but might need some specific updates to the amazon db to handle specific issues.

Likely then, that whatever issues they have, other customers will have. This way they can pinpoint areas to work on specifically and reduce the overall work. The db won't need every oracle feature. It doesn't have to be a copy of oracle, just needs to provide the functionality close enough and cheaper.

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LOL! Wasn’t LE just recently spouting off about how Amazon spent $60m on oracle DB a year, well apparently not for much longer

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8 to 12 years? I think you are underestimating Amazon and overestimating Oracle database products. That's an eternity in the tech business.

Amazon will save lots of money by moving off Oracle database products, but it will be a drop in the bucket compared to the money they can make helping other customers do the same.

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It'll take them 8 to 12 years to develop a product that's remotely competitive - with this being said, they have both resources and money, I am not sure if they have commitment though.

I don't think the market will react to this, it's a long term strategic play and we'll see what happens.

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I'd like to point that two of the brains behind the Oracle database were Mathematicians. In contrast, the brains behind the Salesforce database thing is an English major.

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Drexel Hamilton? Who are they? What does Goldman Sach and JP Morgan Chase think of oracle? Can oracle investor relations help with an opinion here please

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"White goes through several of the promised technical advantages of the newer version, "Oracle 18c," and how it will be "not only much cheaper to use than Amazon but also much faster and more automated."

Sorry but a non technical user writing that, haha !!!

LOL, and LOL !!!

this stupid guy has no clue how a database is working !!!

Most stupid sentence of the year !!!

I think he had bet on the titanic hundred years ago !!!

LOL !!!

Haaahaaaaahaa !

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White is another in a long line of useless and corrupt analysts who thinks with this behind

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A short while ago, Brian White of Drexel Hamilton reiterated a Buy rating on Oracle shares, and a $62 price target, in a note to clients, writing that the story "sounds like fake news to us."

"We believe these reports are inaccurate," writes White, "and we would be buyers of Oracle on any weakness this afternoon."

"There have been similar stories about Salesforce in the past and they turned out to be false," he observes.

For one thing, White cites remarks by Ellison on December 17th to the effect that "that neither Amazon or Salesforce were 'moving off' from Oracle, which we believe to be true."

White also cites the company's pledge, during its "Open World" customer event in October, that "a user's Amazon Redshift bill would be cut in half by using Oracle."

And then White goes through several of the promised technical advantages of the newer version, "Oracle 18c," and how it will be "not only much cheaper to use than Amazon but also much faster and more automated."

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If these analysts and traders actually paid attention and leaner the basics, oracle would be down to $5 where it belongs. On the meantime grossly overpriced based on cloud washing hype.

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AMZN and CRM have enough trouble managing their primary businesses let alone develop a new DBMS. This happening would be years away, if it even happens at all!

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welcome back "Old news" little man. seems it is new news for traders and investors.

ha ha ...

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No surprise - old news. Salesforce is getting rid of the Oracle database as are many vendors. It’s difficult - Oracle has a lot of features not found in open source databases, and therefore, code must be rewritten- but it’s millions in support cost savings. AWS and Google have had their own databases for years and support managed open source database services.

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