Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Dow passed 25000 ..All tech stocks up...except ..?

ORCL/ still $47..not a dime [email protected]$#!$

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ORCL rose almost 1% today, outperforming the market.

I understand the hate that some posters here have for Oracle, but at some point it's best to move on.

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Funny it's $48+. Not that it is going to change anything but it is not at $47. It also got bumped with the other stocks

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Markets work in mysterious ways.

We deserve that bump.

Oh, wait...

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OP must have slept thru yesterday. I was surprised by the pop but suspect it has something to do with commodity chip security flaws.

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Old news - lol! Oracle has lagged behind real tech stock like Amazon, Google, SFDC, MSFT, for a long, long time

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