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India has received 2.3 million H1Bs in the last 10 years with 300K visas just in 2017!

Over the last 10 years - from 2007 to 2017, Indians have taken the lion’s share of H1B visa approvals every single year followed by China in second place and Canada third. Indians have got a total of 2,237,478 H1B visas from 2007-2017 and 302,293 in 2017 alone

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Perhaps MIGA should be MIG

  • A implies Again

  • Not sure if infrastructure build by the British counts as greatness

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At least in the semiconductor engineering side of the biz h1bs aren’t at all holding down the salaries, unless you count 125k starting salaries and several experienced I have hired at 170k+ lately.

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Which is fine. Oracle is heading south in the office.

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Plus H1-Bs are brought for projects that for one reason or another are not offshored. There is only one reason for H1-Bs, to keep wages down.

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Having them here working for slave wages and living 10 to an apartment allows control. Having them overseas doesn’t as the failure of countless outsourced projects shows.

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Ok, so instead of bringing them here where they live and pay taxes, the jobs will just be shipped overseas.

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