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Future of x86 and Sparc

The previous post said "Oracle is divesting itself of all hardware related development, and production will be scaled back to match only existing customer demand." But then it goes on to say Oracle is simply scaling back to meet customer demand. That is old news and has already been in effect.

So what's really the future of x86 and Sparc?

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In the coming weeks the reconstruction and reduction of EMEA systems will be finalized.

Sales Directors already provided the names of sales and SC to let go.

M6 is in charge with only limited number of M5/M4.

Next are the Systems A&C, BDM and Finance/OPS.

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FYI. Oracle Systems in EMEA is growing marketshare and Oracle just announced the creation of two new executive roles to further strengthen the position. Dermot O'Kelly is now SVP Engineered Systems & Cloud @Customer for EMEA and Reinier van Grieken will be VP Server, Storage and Oracle Database Appliance for EMEA!

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@R5LZEbO-1xud : actually, this was true until last december. unfortunately, since last december, EMEA Systems is no more existing (official announcement by LDG).

people selling cloud+ES will be moved in tech org under DO'K, and you can imagine the bloodletting.

very few people (1 or 2 sr per country + 1 sc) will be moved under RVG reporting in the APAC org (!!!)

Systems eng in EMEA is no more existing since long time, the last few people have been moved in the PM/BDM teams still surviving.

nope, Systems in EMEA is dead, don't move here if you want to maintain your job.

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Actually you need to move to Romania - that is the only safe place for Solaris.

Half of the ZFS people were fired last year. Most of the remaining senior people have quit since. The remainder are working on the final release. They will all be gone within a couple of months.

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So, bottom line - SPARC and ZFS continue to float as of now.

Why the heck do you care about EMEA so much ? Move on. Care about your job.

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The bottom line is, if you want to keep your jobs in Solaris or ZFS , move to EMEA. Seeing the last year, it seems EMEA sustaining is least affected compared to US and APAC due to leadership being from that region.

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“Oracle will still need to fix the exploit for x64 Solaris.”

ZFS is Solaris x-86.

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"They fired the entire sparc development team. There is 0 future past m8."

correct. inside Oracle.

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Yes - for the four people using Solaris on x86 boxes.

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Oracle will still need to fix the exploit for x64 Solaris.

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They fired the entire sparc development team. There is 0 future past m8.

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@R5LZEbO-vbb "Any CPU that is multithreaded, that can support a hypervisor and multi-tenant OS’ is vulnerable."

no, it's not like this.

Meltdown is a very specific exploit leveraging a design flaw of recent Intel CPU (even if Intel will never admit it is a flaw, rather it's an hw feature). SPARC is not affected.

Spectre is more subtle though, and affects Intel, AMD and ARM cpus. SPARC is not affected by Spectre1, while Spectre2 it is still under investigation.

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It is worth remembering that while Oracle has for all practical purposes has killed Sparc that Fujitsu is still supporting it. Of course, without Oracle's support it will be next to impossible for Fujitsu to keep Sparc competitive in the long haul.

I wouldn't be surprised if Oracle were to sell rebadged Fujitsu Sparc systems into the near future,

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I’d be interested to know that myself. Not being a hardware engineer I have difficulty following tech discussions on this but this is what I can takeaway in general. Any CPU that is multithreaded, that can support a hypervisor and multi-tenant OS’ is vulnerable. Period. Would have to go back before T1000 and “Niagara” for that. I could be all wrong and would love to hear someone who IS a hardware engineer discuss this.

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Pasting a response from the previous post here:


This is...emh..I was writing Old News, but I will rewrite it as Confirmed News.

Not so sure what's really happening in SW, but HW field sales org is already officially gone, at least in EMEA. APAC will follow shortly, possibly H1FY19, depending on specific agreements with Fujitsu that are being discussed right now.

Details per region/country still to be officially disclosed, but I'm sorry it will be a massacre unfortunately. Anything between 50% and 75% of the current field sales/presales org will be riffed between january and march, depending on region. This is for ES/Servers, not sure though about Storage ad Tape (in some countries they are still separated from ES/Server)

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With the Intel security flaw and patched systems to be about 50% slower, does this mean that SPARC just had it's execution postponed? Does this change anything?

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