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Meltdown/Spectre. No statement about our own cloud?

It seems like all the major cloud players are almost completely done taking the steps needed (patching) to protect their customers. Every one I looked at has already released a statement about their efforts. We have yet to even acknowledge we have a problem. Given how bad we are about applying even our own security patches in OPC, I wonder how many months or years our customers will be left defenseless. Knowing how little TK cares about security, it bet it will be a LONG TIME!

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There is no sane customers running their production environment on the Oracle Cloud. So, no big harm on them. What's impacted are those not too tech savvy CEOs or CTOs that jumped on the Oracle Cloud but then they probably wouldn't even realize what the Meltdown/Spectra is all about anyway.

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It's all over at Oracle. Long slide to the bottom with customers bailing out. It's going to get much worse.

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What security, us worry? Nah, let customers worry about that.

Is that why oracle had no cloud revenues? Hm, you have to wonder!

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