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GVP Confirmation on 2018 layoffs for HD's org

I had a call with my old group vice president, after the customer call I dialed his number for a followup conversation. He is a GVP for the ECA team (Enterprise cloud Architects). He and I have a close relationship, and I brought up the rumors that the entire ECA field sales org will be gone this summer.

After a lengthy discussion he pretty much confirmed it. He and several other's reporting to directly to HD got the news last year. In response they have already lined up gigs at Sales Force, MAP R, Amazon and other companies following ex oracle comrades. He is hanging on for the severance package which is significant since he has been at Oracle long enough to get the max.

ES HW sales go first at the end of Q3, followed by the whole field sales org this summer. Its been a good ride, but its coming to an end in short order. HD will have zero field sales reports, he will run tech sales out of the OD hubs and he is quite proud of it. The main focus is for HD now is on technical training for the OD hubs.

@R4AdLKu nailed it.

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It’s sad. Great dedicated hard working experienced engineers and managers carried the flag and persisted even in the face of Sun collapse the merger which wasn’t pretty and years of in fighting with Oracle subdivisions which didn’t want to integrate. Fighting sales compensation to push OEL, x86 the team still fought on. When merger occurred Fowler stated they would double perfomance ever 2years. An unbelievable goal.

Time and again goals were hit. But this did not stop the sales pipeline decline due to political forces within Oracle.

It was a fun ride. Great successes but now it’s over.

I saw the writing on the wall when key personnel in the know bolted. They didn’t sit resting and vesting.

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"If it was like IBM where we only get 1 week of severance then I think the floodgates would open and everyone would abruptly leave."

Have heard that HPE is also getting very stingy with the severance packages.

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I spoke to some fellow SCs about this. Some know this is coming but there are many people who don't believe it. Their response is "no way can they get rid of all of us, they will still need us..." they think we will be safe.

Those that believe it are just not working that hard while we all wait for the sizeable severance package.

If it was like IBM where we only get 1 week of severance then I think the floodgates would open and everyone would abruptly leave.

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Great post, thanks! Confirms the strategy oracle has been pursuing for the last 2 -3 years, this is the culmination of the sales force restructuring and the reason why there is still all that unused money in the restructuring reserve. And yes, LE & co do not have the decency to actually announce what they are doing - only human being would consider doing something so obvious and well, human.

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When Fowler "quit" everyone in the systems group knew that big layoffs were coming. When Storage was transferred to ES, they got clobbered (about 3-4 weeks after the reorg) and hard. Days after that layoff Solaris and HW were transferred to ES and about 4 weeks later - boom, a massacre.

So anyway, some saw it coming. Some went into denial and others began to interview.

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“These rumors have been the only decent warning we've gotten.”

YES! I thank my chosen sky being for this website and the info that people have shared. It’s because of info here that my spouse wasn’t completely blindsided when the 9/1 axe fell.

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Whats really sad is that all the news of the layoffs at Oracle came from this website. Nothing at all from Oracle internally. They raised 1.1 billion in severance packages and made zero announcements. They are a little more than half way done, and we all know more people will be let go.

These rumors have been the only decent warning we've gotten.

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This post should probably be deleted as its specific enough to identify just a handful of individuals. Who ever the GVP is he should be rewarded for giving us a heads up.

There is nothing in this post other than confirmation of a previous post. Might as well toss this post out. Fake news or not its too specific.

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Many are holding out for the severance but those who have not been around long will leave. The severance will not give them enough time to find a new job.

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MH's entire view of business seems to be that cutting costs is the path to success.

It's just the only thing he knows how to do. None of these guys at the top of today's corporations could actually build a real business of their own. They just float around at the top, collecting money as they go.

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I think this is a FAKE post...way too many details on the SVP for HR to track down.

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Don’t lose sight of the fact hay as detestable as MH is, the real culprit is LE. He hired MH and is goin along with this whole program!

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"he hasn't had to face that reality as he was ejected from HP before he felt the consequences of his business decisions"

I believe that is the real reason he was ejected from HP. The whole s-xual harassment accusation was just the excuse, a way for HP to dump him AND virtue signal at the same time. Had things been going swimmingly at the time, HP would have quietly paid off the woman and be done with it.

Note how things turned really bad for HP shortly after his departure. They knew it was coming.

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It isn't hard to see that MH's only real skill is being able to cut costs to improve the bottomline and, therefore, the stock price and his compensation. He hasn't made any secret that he considers Oracle Digital to be the "heart" of the sales organization, so it isn't hard to see that he considers this a way to drive down costs and is in line with his own style. Whether he'll go as far as to cut the ENTIRE field sales organization remains to be seen. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised to see a dramatic cut and only retaining field presence for the most strategic customers, but believe that pulling everyone out of the field is extreme.

MH's entire view of business seems to be that cutting costs is the path to success. As far as his own pocketbook is concerned, it has worked for him. What he doesn't seem to grasp is that it is possible to cut too deeply and, up to this point, he hasn't had to face that reality as he was ejected from HP before he felt the consequences of his business decisions. In terms of his views on sales, it appears that he believes some of the following...

  • That Oracle's approach of solution selling is still the way to go

  • That interacting with customers directly is no longer needed because once they are hooked, they won't go away

  • That a field sales force is too expensive. This may be the case because margins can't afford to shrink if MH is to hit his compensation target and all he is concerned about is getting a few more years of massive paychecks before he retires.

Whatever he believes, it is in direct opposition to what the major Cloud providers are doing. The problem is that what he believes is going to impact a lot of people whose families depend on their income. For everyone who is in field sales at Oracle, evaluate and bolster your financial position, invest in your skills and have a plan on what you will do to either get out ahead of time or to keep yourself protected if you are caught in a layoff.

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Dunder Mifflin Infinity

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Its the new Oracle strategy being rolled out. You don't need field sales people at all. You buy straight from the website. Its not just North America, these Oracle Hubs are global. All the technical and sales expertise will be done from the hubs.

“Simply put, our SMBs are able to do things they have never been able to do before,” he added.

Sydney will join Hong Kong, Bangalore, Seoul and Singapore in leading Oracle’s stated plan to take the fight up to the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. The hub will showcase the complete suite of Oracle’s cloud solutions but the man in charge of the facility, Malcolm Ferguson, said simply making sales isn’t good enough in today’s environment.

“It’s really about enabling the clients to access the technology more easily,” Mr Ferguson said. “We are offering SMBs the ability to buy solutions straight from the website, so that’s a fundamental change to the way we engage with organisations.”

Kiss your job goodbye.

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If you are an ECA (Enterprise Cloud Architect) in HD's org, then it's easy to see if this rumor is true. If you find that "Oracle Digital" personnel are participating in your calls, then you can expect to be out of a job by June. Don't get caught flat footed. Google and AWS are hiring like crazy.

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