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Hilliard Call Center Closing?

Anyone hear about Verizon Hilliard Call Center closing?

I heard Lowell is going there today (which never happens) and all of leadership have mandatory meetings with them today. Rumor mill has been hot and morale is lower than ever.

I can’t imagine he’s here for a good reason.

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Hellloooooo... all call centers are eventually toast.

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Yes. Correct. All customer care to be home based by november.

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Yes Yes

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@1cau, how does one re-locate as an HBA? Does it require moving to another employees home?

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Yea it s---s and there is very little security as an hba relocate if you can.

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I also heard they're closing as well (used to work here a few months ago). Heard through the grapevine.

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Amazon got there power deal in January. They said if they got that, they would build 4 more data center buildings at the Hilliard location. They do not have room for 4 more buildings. The logical place to build them would be....

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If it's any comfort, I'm not familiar with any higher ups showing up in person if there is bad news to deliver. They leave such unwelcome tasks to the ones low on the totem pole.

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We had meeting at our center. Hilliard Care is going HBA. The other departments are going to stay in the buliding

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Care, tech support, and CHAT are all affected. 100% HBA call center in Hilliard by November.

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Seems like they are transitioning everyone to Home based agents. Trying to find out if all departments are impacted.

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I've been working here for about a year now, I do not think we are closing

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