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7 centers going to HBA only

We just got sat down in a meeting that 7 call centers are going HBA only. Franklin, Mankato, North Charleston, Albuquerque, can’t remember others. In the meeting as we speak trying to be covert

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Most of the Care ADs I know are micro managers. How are they gong to survive if they can't keep their people "in line"?

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To say no one is losing their job may be a little overly optimistic. Remember, that u can’t relocate to another call center or move to HBA if ur on corrective action (I think a written and final whether for attendance or performance will disqualify a rep from going HBA and they have to take severance instead). That was one of the first questions in our center’s meeting about this. If peeps on corrective action can move to HBA and they said no they cannot they can take severance. Moral of the story, don’t let urself get on an attendance warning for ur kids having the flu and just being like “well I will go on a written” because if ur center closes u can’t relocate.

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I overheard Howard K. Duff VIII saying the Isotopes are moving to Albuquerque, though he’s denying it now.

You heard it here first!

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Elgin, South Carolina, which is actually Columbia.

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Albuquerque Is being offered HBA. Albuquerque IMT is being offered option to apply for care or relocate into same position. To Chandler AZ or Elgin North Carolina.

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Some ops teams are being offered relocation or severance now.

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Little Rock Call Center is closing

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HBA means Home Based Agent. Basically you do the same job, just work from it looks like no one will be losing their jobs, but just transitioning to working from home

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Not Tampa

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Home-based Agents

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What about Tampa?

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Hilliard Care is going HBA the center is going to be there for other departments.

Albuquerque NM

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What is HBA

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Hilliard, outside of Columbus, Ohio, Huntsville, and Little Rock are also going HBA.

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What other centers? Please fill us in.

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