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Isn't Itainum wonderful

Security thru obscurity

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Its worth 3 billion dollars! And its not affected by metldown or spectre!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has won another huge victory over Oracle and just over $3 billion in damages.

The two were back in court to determine what damages, if any, Oracle owed over its decision some years ago to stop making software for HPE's high-performance servers built on Intel's Itanium chip.

After Oracle bought Sun Microsystems and started building its own servers, it announced that it would not be making its database software for Itanium. HP sued Oracle for breach of contract a few years ago and won.

While in court to determine damages, testimony came from such folks as Mark Hurd and Larry Ellison.

Oracle's lawyer, Dorian Daley, says that Oracle still thinks that it's in the right and will appeal

Oracle has been ordered to pay HP $3 billion after losing a lawsuit with the company regarding the software development for its Itanium servers.

During the lawsuit, HP claimed that Oracle had violated a contract by continuing to develop support software for its Itanium chip. The trial ran for one month in a California state court in San Jose ending with HP being granted the original amount it claimed at the beginning of the case.

In 2001, HP developed the Itanium chip in partnership with Intel. Oracle and HP then signed a contract that would see it writing software for the company’s servers

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Security through irrelevance.

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isn't that from Q in the recent James Bond movie? LOL

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