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Horrible work environment

I don’t know about other stores at Fry’s but the one I worked at had an environment that was so stressful it left me completely drained by the end of my shift. Retail can be a fun experience, meeting customers, the challenge of the sale, etc, yet it was anything but!

Want an example? Those who had morals were forced to watch other employees lie to customers about warranties and other services and not be able to do anything for risk of losing their job.

There were days when the environment was downright hostile, in big part due to poor management who had no inkling on how to delegate and would assign a workload that was impossible to complete within the shift.

Lack of respect is obvious all around and that’s not the way a company should be. I am so glad I got out of there and I hope anyone considering this company would look elsewhere for the sake of their peace of mind.

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That makes me sad that a company is run this way because it's not necessary. I like Frys but today the store looked deserted and shelves were almost empty. I wish someone could come in and reorganize the stores and make it a nice place for employees AND customers alike.

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