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Is it my turn yet?

I have been in the same position at Eaton since being hired nearly six years ago. Try as I might there is no mobility to moving forward in my career. Yet, at the same time I see others who aren’t as skilled or have no knowledge of their position advancing ahead of me.

What really angers me is when people are first hired in my department, almost always I am the one giving them the hands on training instead of those who are suppose to be responsible for it. So I’m good enough to train someone who will eventually become my supervisor but not to have the title myself? I’ve tried everything I can think of to get ahead, to be able to step out of the box I am in but nothing is working which makes me think that Eaton isn’t the company I want to remain with.

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I worked at eaton 25 years they had a bad l as y off in june 1 2020. Senior abuse me many time in the reno nevada eaton. Never would trained me .managment just slight at me gave all the better paying job to others. If it wasn't for my car payment I would have call the law.

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You are the rock that holds this department together. You make everyone above many levels look good. You will probably have to change in order to get the promotions you deserve. The question you should be asking yourself is when did you let yourself get to this moment? Was it really by you being nice or you deep down knew it was securing your position.

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