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Eaton and Danfoss

How many of the 11,000 people in the hydraulics division are going to be laid off before Danfoss take possession of the factories? I know of atleast 25 so far, in one plant alone.

Has this been confirmed?

Eaton Kings Mountain, NC. Potential layoff 65-100 employees in March 2020. This is the transmission division of it's kind, before moving to SLP Mexico. Anybody?

eMobility layoffs

Layoffs in eMobility today- impacts in US and Canada. Know of at least 4 people, not sure how many more

Emea jobs cut

Eaton cut 50 Jobs in bielsko biala. Now. In the start of 2020 they will cut 150 employees in Italy

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Belmont plant closing

In case somebody missed it, Eaton is closing Belmond facility. Nearly 200 people will lose their jobs when Belmond’s largest employer closes in 2020. Members of Eaton Corp.’s management team notified 184 employees Thursday that the engine-valve... —  read more 

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China troubles

We will see what happens, my fear is that if things with China do not settle very quckly we may see profits drop signifcantly and there will be layoffs. This is not an Eaton problem, this affects all companies that export a lot.

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Careful now

Eaton will not lay off but will be careful hiring

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Is it my turn yet?

I have been in the same position at Eaton since being hired nearly six years ago. Try as I might there is no mobility to moving forward in my career. Yet, at the same time I see others who aren’t as skilled or have no knowledge of their position... —  read more 

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Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Working for Eaton is a catch 22 when you’re a single parent. Work/life balance is meaningless especially when you are expected to meet deadlines towards the end of the month. We sacrifice hours away from our children for weeks at a time and I have... —  read more 

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Overworked and underappreciated @ Eaton

Many managers at Eaton do not have skills needed to be good managers, so they are getting promoted based on who you know, not on how good you work and how good your skills are... Now, you got to work for that person, and they do not know how to... —  read more 

Corporate IT re-org

Management is acting like it's 2009 all over again. We all know the restructuring is imminent. Even recruiters know about it. My personal guess is 10% RIF not just in IT but across the company. So when is it going to happen and what have you heard?

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Eaton plant in Shenandoah announces 71 layoffs

SHENANDOAH – The Shenandoah Eaton plant is laying off 71 workers permanently by early December. This information was sent via registered letter to Shenandoah Mayor Dick Hunt and Shenandoah Chamber and Industry Association Executive Vice President... —  read more 

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Eaton / Tata Consulting India employees

I have been given internal memos from Eaton Corp; they describe how Americans are asked to participate in knowledge transfer to Tata Consulting India employees; knowledge transfer occurring in Cleveland, Ohio... —  read more 

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