Topics regarding layoffs at Vivint Solar Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Vivint Solar Inc.


Vivint's only legitimate claim is having low operating costs... because no one gets raises when they should, and everyone's job is outsourced to countries that only do a quality job on paper, not in actual practice. It's a good-ol-boys promotion... —  read more 

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Not so rosy

The company often shows poor decision making. Your input does not matter here, unless it aligns with what your manager thinks. Making a positive change is extremely difficult, and the trend of cyclical behavior means that any change you try to make... —  read more 

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March to Utah!

If we are all really upset by this and since we have alot of free-time on our hands now, Let us all MARCH to UTAH And confront Todd & Greg! WHOS WITH ME??

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Guys, its states in the Vivints company manual that you can be terminated at any time for no reason! And accepted employment by agreeing to those terms! Guys, you signed the offer letter WAKE UP dust your selfs off and move on with your LIVES!

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Office administrator

I worked for vivint for the last 8 months I was the first person to help open the doors of this office. I worked my butt off ironing out all the issues the office had the reps praised me for my hard work. I walked into work Monday as any normal day -... —  read more 


We got kick out like if we were thifs from San Leandro and not even the option to relocate! And not even a F-ING THANK YOU! at least our OM was true to us and let us now some shady stuff was happening after they blocked all of our schedules.

screwed up business model

Just showed up to work to a locksmith changing locks and given a slip saying we are laid off with no severance or anything. And told many offices were "consolidating" into regional offices. Just shows a failed business model of rapid expansion with a... —  read more 


Today Vivint solar laid off every employee in my office and spoke of plans to close 13 offices in NY, NJ, Mass, CT, and MA.

Licensed Electrician

Current/Former employee of Vivint Solar's Boston North office. Tuesday myself and 14 other employees were laid off without notice, as part of what management claims is a national downsizing.

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