Topics regarding layoffs at First Solar Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at First Solar Inc.

Jan 2020

Several from EPC being walked out either at the end of Dec '19 or Jan '20 or quitting ahead of time. Rumors of a major re-org to hit in Jan '20. Can anyone share more detail?

Solar Power causes Global Warming

Doesn't solar cause global warming? It keeps the sunlight on earth that would otherwise reflect back to space, When the electricity is used from that solar power, it heats the earth. No more solar power!

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Layoffs 2017

The Outlook for FS looks bleak. Silicon Technology announcing efficiency improvements. Series 6 not scaling from dot cell. Proposed 18% efficiency not going to happen.

For those ho haven't been given notice yet, there is a uneasy feel as to whether they are on 'the list"....

Most managers are using the excuse that "they haven't received the list" or "they had nothing to do with the list" or "there are multiple lists and they do not know which one they will be told to implement".... very cowardly excuses, but not... —  read more 

First Solar layoff

I am one of the associates whose job was terminated from the Perrysburg, Ohio plant. I believe 450 total cuts from my facility. There is no severance, but we do, however, recieve our normal wages until the end of January with benefits until that time... —  read more 

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Severance packages

Heard that it's not company policy to give severance packages. Is this true? It's just shameful. Specially if they will be laying off so many people. How do they expect us to find another job? Does anyone know will this time be different?

All sites will be impacted

Not a rumor, info from a reliable source - all sites will be impacted. This is huge, they will be laying off the manufacturing stuff mostly, but expect big cuts in support and administration as well. Wish you luck, all.

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Lay offs in 2016

50+ talented people are shown door by Mark Widmar and team. Reason ?? Business is not growing. International projects are dragging for years. Domestic market is shrinking due to too many players from Europe and Asia capturing market at price that can... —  read more 

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