Topics regarding layoffs at SolarCity

Topics regarding layoffs at SolarCity

More layoffs incoming

Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but if you think the solar division of Tesla is not done laying off you are going to be very surprised. Found this in an older thread, posted today. Does anybody know what this is referring to? I haven't heard... — read more 

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Good people,Good Workers for these rich company ... Laid off Commercial Crew Socal/HI.

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WHS / HQ - Florida???

The closed down warehouses that were super slow and laid off people at HQ. On the other hand they are opening Salt Lake City, UT, Austin, TX and Houston just came online. Talks of us moving into Florida. And the new solar changer. Most... — read more 

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They're not laying anyone off, they're adding more and more people everywhere. We just hired 40 more guys in Colorado and they are opening new states every year.

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Best of luck

A lot of great friends I made in a very little time, all honest hard working people but unfortunately I'm no longer with the company, I wish the best of luck to everyone

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So much for NO LAYOFFS at SolarCIty

WARN notices filed by Solar, 80 employees cut in San Mateo headquarters and another 28 in the San Francisco facility. 10/19 is the departure date - So wait until October. Also, FYI - 2017 will be even worse in my opinion. Not sure why people still... — read more 

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Bad Behavior

Bad behavior was permitted by management to boost shareholder confidence. Great company with a great idea, but poor execution. All of the wrong successes were celebrated and all of the wrong people were promoted. I think that Lyndon Rive was sold... — read more 

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Installation Forecast

As long as numbers keep going down we'll have issues here - things can be much worse but I really hope they manage to turn things around and start to grow again.

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