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Are more layoffs coming today?

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I think you mean to say close tolerance

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Idk where you are getting your sources, but remanufacturing in Erie is alive and well, there is no plans to move it, but there was rumors last year about moving it, but nothing came true. For farming out small parts none of them are critical dimensions or high tolerance stuff. They decided to keep the stuff that's difficult to make in house and leave us with the sh--y jobs.

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Just another sign that Erie will no longer be the permanent. home of the manufacturing facility. First they eliminated their seasoned workforce , then their Reman and repair dept. and now elimination of their core competencies of high tolerance small machining, next will be the machine Programmers and Engineering enhancement of older product. When a new acceptable test environment is identified, test of older product will be moved and only new and proto type testing will remain.

Quality managers jumping ship.

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Just announced in Erie yesterday that they are getting rid of machining small parts and farming out those jobs. A few people will be out of a job.

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Any layoffs today??

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Wtf is new in this place!!

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not today, this Friday

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