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Nothing will change for better

While it's a good thing that the exec ranks are being cleaned out, I think it's such bad karma to dance on someone's grave. All these folks did exactly what the Molinas directed them to do, for better or for worse. When the company was growing gangbusters nobody complained.

And thoughts that the new leadership team are here to make a stronger company for us line employees are absurd. The CEO didn't even relocate!!! They're just here to get a couple good quarters in and sell to another company, probably Centene. Then they will just call the test of us who ate left, and with fewer plans still remaining, what are the odds any of us will find an equivalent job...

Good luck to you all in the next layoff rounds, hopefully you already have a plan B because we're all on our way out the door.

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Will things change in the TEXAS PIRR Department when the sup comes in when she gets ready, sends no communication out to her staff, expect for the employees to let her know if they are running late!! They’re Loud and disruptive acting like a bunch of clacklin hens on the work floor. If you ask them to quite down they want to swell up. Grow up and show some leadership.

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Gee I wonder if he put a landline in or uses his cell. God forbid that cell has an east coast number!

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Yes, do your job! Stop trying to figure out if JZ is on another coast, sipping coffee in his corner office ocean view of HQ in LB, or visiting the local gentleman’s club. He’s free to do all that. Now cmon folks- focus on Caid! Let’s turn this around!!!

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It depends on what my family situation was, how much traveling to the State business units, and other responsibilities. I’m sure you think the CEO sits in his office at HQ all day but that’s unlikely. I don’t think it’s fair to criticize him because he bought s condo or whatever. You’ve no clue with the thought process he and the board have gone through. Just do your job.

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Project nickel you and your ilk.

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OK JZ brown nosers...what would you do if you were offered the position of the CEO which was located across the nation??????

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If PIRR supervisor keeps calling on CW to help her all the time, who wanted so bad out of the PIRR department ..WOW. There is no telling what she is Telling BM, just to make herself look good.

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HCM Town Hall Meeting scheduled for March 16th. The last town hall meeting was presented December 2016; Salaried Employees were switched to hourly, the mileage was significantly reduced and the monthly stipends were taken away. 3/16/18-Time for wave 3 Layoffs! Best time for Molina to layoff employees so they dont have to pay for raises in April....

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Amen! No wonder why we are here....these knuckleheads are more worried about how Joe spends his coin vs. working on Caid!

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If these naysayers are so adept at knowing our future, they might stop off on the way home and buy a few powerball tickets. Stick to Caid - your tarot card reading skills s---.

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Please, if you’re so convinced we will be sold orbgiing broke, get out. Uniformed knuckleheads who first say JZ didn’t relocate then get pissy he didn’t buy a big enough house. No wonder we struggle with the basics of Caid — stay focused or beat it.

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it's true- the Molina's may be gone, but the Molina friends and family program is still running strong!


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You expect people to work in Texas with people to work with incompetent people and not get frustrated. They want to label the people as hostile,mean and crazy when folks just trying to get the job done. When you go to the hire ups they ignore the people who do the job on a daily basis. They rather keep non program managers, kin folks with no background get promoted overlooking people who know the jobs. It's not what you know its who you know. People steeling time cause family members can fix time. Lead by example Practice what you preach Texas leadership. Ask the right people that know job stop being fooled by uneducated people unhappy people cause they don't like what they see in the mirror. Get rid of the people fakingit to make it.

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right, but the point was that he does live here. Someone had said he's on the other side of the country running the LBC HQ...which is not true. So sure, who cares if he bought a condo, house, or a box. Point is- he's here and he is going to turn things around. Now let's get back to focusing on Caid.

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A condo???? Seems as it is a temporary arrangement or just a vacation home! With his salary, he could have purchased a beautiful home to settle in, if he wanted to relocate!! He is not 100% onboard with Molina Healthcare - I wonder why???.....SELLING MOLINA!!!!

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I agree, due to it is about time that Texas is out in the open. How can you let a so call program manager come in and let damage be done. Rude, unprofessional and don’t know how to talk to people. Wants to be the queen of all : the of claims department configurations, and provider services ,BA and the list goes on. Getting big bucks to tell the folks to override a claim or uphold claim and send a letter to the provider. Wants to pay the claims even though it’s against the contract. Don’t know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. That position of course was created because she was a friend of the AVP who saved her from BNGFRD. Where did she get her program mangers certificate. (Google) The AVP of operations created that position for that person. Sounds like cloning to me.. hahaha just alike two peas in a POD. They think that they are the only two who works for Molina, and we work for them and not with them. Sounds like the AVP thinks it’s her company , because she is starting to hire HER KIN. They did not make this company they were just allowed to run it in the ground.

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It's not just PIRR in Dallas. What about operations a entire team and the boss trusts only one program manager to do it all. Lets run the company in the ground and blame someone else..A lot of hidden talent purposely overlooked. Right peple in the wrong position Wrong positions for friends.We can do better.

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Which one. There are a lot of folks within Molina who does not have the comprehensive skills. They Have no clue from one day to the next. It’s just a power trip going on.

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I felt good today going into Molina and working on Caid! Let’s turn this around Joe!!

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How can it get any better when you have an uneducated supervisor reading on a 6th grade level in the PIRR DEPARTMENT in Dallas Texas. Who can’t seem to get a grip on how to do her job. Why oh why is she not gone . That department deserves better!!

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That's true, but he's still got get rid of these old SVP

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I’ll tell you what, Joe Z deserves a huge credit for getting rid of people who should have been gone long ago but also for immediately getting rid of Boston Consulting Group who, along with a few sheep in the Molina herd, were the architects of project nickel and the layoffs. I don’t care where he lives if he leads us back to profitability and no additional layoffs are needed.

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Last post is correct. JZ has condo in the LBC and is focused on Caid.....geez sounds like a new rap song.

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I’m all for criticisms when warranted and based on facts but you’re incorrect as JZ recently purchased a condo in Long Beach as described in one of his brown bag lunches. Any suggestion JZ isn’t all in on a turn-around needs facts not emotion and misinformation.

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CEO's sit at the corporate offices...what a jerk and "team player"....

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This post wasn’t any better the second time it was made.

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