Thread regarding Molina Healthcare Inc. layoffs

Molina Layoffs from 4/4 to 4/9/2018

I’ve received request to list Job tiles and names. If I do, this thread will be deleted.

I will stick to the Job Titles.

80 layoffs from these dapartments between 4/4-4/9

Sr Medicare sales lead

Sr Account Rep, Medicare.

Project Manager MHI

Assoc Rep Member Services MHI

Claims Examiners MHPR

Case management Processors MHI

Temps. MHI

Build Engineers MHIq


Supv IT. MMS

Engineer. MHI

Assoc Rep Services MMS & MHI

Supv IT svcs. MHI

Dir Healthcare Services. MIL

Supv Care management MIL

Care manager RN. MIL

Clinical Informatics Analyst MHI

Business analyst MHI

Provider R&R Mgr

Quality Improvements Analytics

Lead call Center MHI

Sr Proposal Writer MHI

Facilities specialist MHI

Project Coordinator MHI

Sr analyst Hedis Quality reporting MHI

Registered Nurse MHI

Interventions Analyst MHI

Review clinician MHPR

Sr Rep provider services MHI

Case manager. MHO

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Well, it is Thursday. Are we seeing any Corp folks being walked out?

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The bitter trolls on here are hystarical. Lets be honest Molina got rid of dead weight. 75% of those let go, were employees. If you're still having trouble finding work and you were laid off in September step up to a mirror, look really hard. That's who's responsible.

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At this point, it's almost comical what people post on here. It's even more comical what people believe. How quickly you all jump to assume that because an anonymous person posted a "list", it must be true. Here's the truth: If MHO is laying off a case manager, then why do they have a hiring event scheduled specifically to recruit for case managers? If MHIL is doing the same, why do they have open positions for these roles? Your "list" isn't based in reality and anyone that believes it clearly doesn't take the time to do any research on the facts.

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Yes, I totally agree with what was just said about “start your search now” ....with all the mass layoffs that have occurred over the last several months, the market is saturated with healthcare folks looking for jobs. Therefore, you may find yourself in a tough position to find a job when the time comes. It’s taking folks several months longer the way the market is now. Remember, at the end of the day, you need to take care of YOU. So be smart about your future regardless of the outcome with Molina. Most of us can see the writing on the wall. Good luck everyone!

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I’ve been looking for a new position since I was laid off from Molina in September. It’s not a great job market. Far be it from me to give advice but if you’re still working at Molina, it would be wise to start your job search. It can’t hurt. That way you’ll at least know what you will have to contend with. I agree with the comment below about this dismantling of Molina. It’s being done so strangely and ineffectibely. It’s a dark time, for certain. I wish everyone the best outcome possible. Smartest thing you can do is move on. Start as soon as possible. You will likely be surprised by how lean the job market is right now.

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I don't know much but I know some executives have been layed off. reading on the posts, it seems it is happening week by week.

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Executives who are gone, or will be gone....I will believe that when I see it....

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I have been in healthcare a long time, seen many re-orgs, layoffs, acquisitions and mergers. However, I have never seen an organization dismantled the way Molina has been over the last year+. It’s truly sad to witness all the uncertainty, paranoia, sadness and overall melancholy. I really hope that everyone is able to use this time to find better opportunities. I’m at a loss for words.

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And it is not including the executives who are gone and will be gone in the future.

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So, it appears it was 75 people were let go the prior week and last week 80. If I'm reading things correctly. It will just be a steady stream of lay offs until the membership is sold and the doors are closed. Sad times. For the person posting this list, thanks. It's helpful.

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How many case managers and from which region?

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Again, thank you. This is very very much appreciated.

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