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Resorting to threats

I'm a WAH agent and our coach, who seems too dumb to function sometimes, may be next on the chopping block. She's paid a lot. But she was sent an email threatening us that our performance is being heavily monitored and low performance will not be tolerated etc. They're also firing coaches and then shoving 30 agents on one coach and firing coaches who can't keep up with it. It's a cycle.

They're setting tenured agents, coaches and managers to fail so they have a reason to fire them. I'm beyond disappointed. I loved dish when I started. It's turning in to a REAL crap show. Dish will be obsolete within 10 years and I don't think IoT will ever get off the ground so what's the point.

As a loyal employee, I'm tired of it. I'm lucky to still have my job but for all of us who are, keep your options open. Don't turn your back on them... they stopped caring about us.

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Yes. They manipulate metrics and it screws us over.

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They never cared about their employees. We are a number to them and easily replaced with cheaper labor overseas, which is where 99% of the problems start.

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