Thread regarding Molina Healthcare Inc. layoffs

State of Texas Retracts; Cancels Molina Award for CHIP RSA

MHT dealt a blow last week when it was announced that the award was canceled outright. Molina now facing uphill battle to keep CHIP and STAR.. writing is on the wall, folks...

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Guys- Molina is not failing. Please, heads down when your in my dime- get back to working on Caid- and stop worrying about some ship in the LA Harbor sinking...focus, it’s all about Caid.

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One trend I’d like to see is naysaying non-fact caring dipsticks like you exiting. If you’re so convinced molina is failing, get out.

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who is kidding who here? The fact that it's easy to believe the state of Texas would cancel an award that involves Molina regardless of fact proves how little faith people have in this company anymore. As a matter of fact, if you can't name 10 good things about the company you work for, chances are that any negative impressions you have are partly, if not mostly right.. You really think that Molina is going to gain/hold onto the business it has now in 2019? At least have the markets are going to lose out.. New Mexico? Florida? Are you noticing a trend here yet??

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Time to buy a kayak.

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Yeah okay, because Molina is so upfront with its employees?? Lol

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The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has decided to cancel the new CHIP RSA contracts and provide an extension of Molina Healthcare’s existing contract. Regardless of any changes in the contracting process, Molina remains steadfastly committed to providing children across Texas with access to high quality health care.

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Actually MHT retained the contracts they had and the new chip/Star RFP was released on 4/6. Fake news troll, folks....

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