Thread regarding Molina Healthcare Inc. layoffs

Corporate layoffs

I just got informed that there was a layoff in corporate. 20 out of 30 people in Human Resources have been laid off. Recruiting, Learning & Development Dept, Marketing, etc. They've only kept those who have the most knowledge & have shown value. Good luck to all.

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Well, it is Tuesday...we seeing any VPs being walked out?

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Did you know it was coming or was it a complete surprise?

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They laid off 18/28 people from the L&D team. Good luck everyone

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Anybody let go from Corp yet this week?

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good because based on office gossip, there was a lot of humping around in these is a work place not a brothel

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Does anyone know if the recently laid off employees are eligible for re-hire despite severance agreement?

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I will confirm this soon.

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What’s really sad is that this thread represents our current talent pool working in Caid.

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Baba Booey!!

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Horse Toothed Jack A#$ to purchase Molina? Yea!

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I've heard, and its been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, that Molina is being sold to a group owned by Gary Dell'Abate.

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Time to buy a little boat and float...

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Not sure about IT but I do know it is not going to stop any time soon. Layoffs will continue, no one is safe. There is work the company will sell (as we all speculate, just waiting around for confirmation) and there will be an update tomorrow on selling the company. I do hope everyone who is still employed has an updated resume.

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Anyone from IT?

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Thank you for this post.

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