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We are not special

I keep seeing people making Molina the villain for laying off people, but the truth is that the entire sector is in major crisis. Businesses do what they have to do. Just look here:

This is our new reality people, when will you learn to accept that?

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14 replies (most recent on top)'s such a crisis that the Florida Medicaid contract worth $90 billion is going down without Molina in the running. Molina's problem isn't the sagging industry. It's Molina. Florida staff should prepare....I would expect layoffs are coming.

State names 9 Medicaid health plans but challenges loom

By Christine S-xton, News Service of Florida

Posted: 8:32 PM, April 24, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida officials on Tuesday announced the names of the nine health plans the state wants to ink contracts with to provide health care to nearly four million poor, elderly and disabled residents.

The decision is not final, though, and Molina Healthcare of Florida and Positive Healthcare --- both of which currently have contracts, but would be shut out of the Medicaid program between 2019-2024 --- have said they plan on challenging the Agency for Health Care Administration’s decision.

Florida Medicaid Director Beth Kidder said earlier that the contracts could be the largest ever awarded by the state, and could be worth more than $90 billion dollars over a five-year period.

If the agency’s decision stands, Sunshine Health Plan will operate in all 11 regions of the state. Sunshine Health would offer Medicaid beneficiaries access to a traditional plan as well as a separate “child welfare” specialty plan.

Simply Healthcare Plans, meanwhile, will offer a specialty plan for people with HIV and AIDS in all 11 regions.

Humana was picked as a provider in 10 of the 11 regions across the state, but failed to win a bid in Medicaid Region 1, which includes Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Walton counties.

Meanwhile, WellCare of Florida, which will operate under the moniker of Staywell Health Plan of Florida, will offer access to a mental health specialty plan in all 11 Medicaid regions. It also will offer access to a traditional Medicaid managed care plan in nine of the 11 Medicaid regions, after being shut out of Regions 1 and 10. Region 10 is comprised solely of Broward County.

Florida Community Care and Best Care Assurance are two new Medicaid managed-care plans enrollees would have access to, if the state’s selections stand. Florida Community Care will be offered in every region but North Florida Region 2, which includes Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla, and Washington counties.

Best Care Assurance will operate under the name Horizon Health Plan and will be made available in Medicaid Region 8, made up of Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Glades, Hendry, Lee, and Sarasota counties.

While the state will offer new plans, some health plans that currently have Medicaid contracts weren’t included in the list of nine announced Tuesday. Those include Molina Healthcare of Florida; Positive Healthcare, the plan offered by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation; Prestige Health Choice; and Magellan Complete Care.

The Legislature passed a sweeping rewrite of the state's Medicaid program in 2011, requiring nearly all beneficiaries, from the cradle to the grave, to enroll in managed-care plans. For purposes of contracting, AHCA divided the state into 11 different regions and negotiated contracts for each region.

The state issued its invitation to negotiate, the second under the Medicaid managed-care program, in July 2017.

News Service of Florida

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Insider trading? What a dip$hit comment.

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Hmm. Not really getting a sense that anyone asking or responding about MOH knows what they are talking about.

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The stock price is artificially inflated - Keep your eyes on it over the next 90 days - but your head will need to be down, as the price will be in the sh--ter!

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Can anyone say insider trade. Dir R.

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I agree that we need to dig in and kick some a-- here. We need to focus. If we are taken over, I dont know about anyone else but I would like for the potential incoming company to keep me around. Stocks are high because we are shedding dead weight that isnt necessary to the company.

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Great post! The healthcare industry is uncertain right now. Look at Humana posts on this site ( for instance. Same blogs. To JZ stand-up comedian, I can't lie, your sarcasm on some of these posts makes me laugh sometimes amongst the sadness. Still, can someone give a reasonable explanation for why Molina's stocks are so high then?... (note I said reasonable).

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Guys- stop complaining about VPs, management decisions, lost revenue, trolls, and get back to work like I told you to already! I’m signing the paychecks around here. No wonder I got pulled into this get back to Caid so I can get my full pay like the OC Register reported.

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I see the canned buffoon still yacking about VPs. Get over it. Those that are going are already gone. Just because JZ let you go stop trolling others. Original post spot on and hope others follow suit by stop laying blame and work to turn around this company.

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You are "special" in a special way. Keep up the good work and we will turn this around

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and to think a ton of the VPs are still in place....SMH

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Agree. I just want transparency. I am tired of local management stringing us along.

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@SJpRg1N-zrq Is right. We grew too quickly and took too much financial risk. Molina has been managed poorly in many ways and is now going to unload the membership before it has become totally devalued. It's a shame but it's the reality. While the industry is in distress, wise leadership would've made different decisions to help the company stay afloat better though the tough times. The disaster that has become of Molina, can't be blamed on the industry or even just a few people. The company was mismanaged by countless leaders.

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We aren't at issue with the industry. Molina has made some unforgivable missteps and lost a tremendous amount of money.. this isn't about a company that made smart business decisions and suffered via industry downturns.. this is about a company that has bad management, lost its sense of itself and is working only to make itself a prime target for takeover..

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