Thread regarding UnitedHealth Group Inc. layoffs

Success @ UHG/Optum in Leadership Role.

A) Criticize everything and praise Amazon/Facebook/ Google

B) Turn around and do everything you just criticized

C) Do not work on anything accountable

D) Keep hiring from your clan

E) Talk a lot and produce vaporwares.

F) Just do whatever your boss tells and keep your boss happy

G) All day keep jumping from meeting to meeting except when lord boss calls.

This company is surviving as competition is way behind. There are way many consenting donkeys

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Middle Management is full of donkeys and a-- wipes. White papers are issued on the same day as regulators show up with subpoenas. Wichmann and Renfro were asked about the company culpability in the opioid epidemic. Let’s see: If you deny all alternatives and incentivize Morphine, Percocet and Fentanyl do you think a subscriber could become addicted? If they are addicted maybe then they will give higher NPS scores. Good Work A-- Wipes. A new project is on the way.

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