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Anyword on whats expected for the earnings call? Profit/loss? Beat estimates?

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What a dipstick. We don’t have billions in “sales” — maybe revenue and we will post a profit tomorrow botbs loss. That’s not fake news like most trolls keep posting here. Shazam bytchez!

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Guys- heads down on my time- get back to Caid. I will stir this ship back into the right direction. If we do well next quarter- I’ll ask my VPs to do morning group hugs. If the quarter after that is better- I’ll let you bring Lassy to work and I’ll set the room temp to 71.7

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To the person posting the Quarterly sales numbers....sales doesn't equate to net loss or gain. And I'm not totally sure but I don't think there ARE sales for Medicaid plans, just for Medicare. I am not sure this Quarterly sales number is relevant. Also, your message is written so poorly it's hard to understand anyway. I think the estimated, adjusted loss of $69-$75 million actually makes sense.

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forecastHere troll caller who want research their own news:

Molina Healthcare (MOH) Expected to Announce Quarterly Sales of $4.73 Billion

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Fake news. Trolls

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If they canned the CEO that’s making a ridiculous salary then they could actually be profitable. BCG is running the show over there anyway.

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Est. adjusted loss of 69 to 75 million..

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