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I guess all of the trolls won't dare post anything positive, so allow ME

"According to Zacks, “Molina Healthcare’s shares have outperformed the industry year to date. The company’s growing top line, backed by a consistent membership rise, positions it for long-term growth. Its inorganic strategies also remain accretive to the revenue base. The company has begun an enterprise-wide restructuring program to reduce expenses and improve overall operational efficiency. The stock has seen the Zacks Consensus Estimate for current-year earnings being revised 4.2% upward over the last 60 days. However, Molina Healthcare suffers from rising medical care costs along with acute dependence on debt financing that have resulted in higher interest expenses, draining the bottom line. The company is set to report first quarter results on Apr 30. A favorable Zacks Rank #1 and an Earnings ESP of 7.43% makes us confident of an earnings beat this quarter.”


I would like to add this personal note:

I witness, in all of my life, such a selfish, heartless and pathetic group of individuals who literally have NOTHING better to do with their other than stalking a forum in order to stir up the emotions of many hardworking individuals who are fearful of losing their jobs. Back in July/August/September, each week there were posts of "surf's up" "it's coming! run for your lives!" "get out now!"

I'm sure many of you recall that of which I am referring to. And I will admit, that at one time, I, too was personally affected by all of this purposefully generated hysteria. I digress.

To the trolls/heartless individuals- I have genuinely prayed for you. I pray that you may find peace in your hears and that whatever/whoever made you so cold, that you will be able to free yourself from those chains in which you are bound.

To the bitter individuals who were laid off- I get it. I totally do. I would be pissed too. But please, try to remember that you were once standing on the other side of the fence, terrified of losing your job and possibly not being able to support your family. The fear of the unknown is sometimes worse than the actual blow or aftermath. Remember that.

To the honest, hardworking individuals who continue to check this site because you are fearful of losing your job and you want answers- I feel you. I'm rowing in the same boat. However, let me give you the best piece of advice someone gave me...STAY OFF OF THIS SITE. It is garbage.

I know that Molina has had some tough times over the last year. I know times are still uncertain. But no matter where you are, layoffs are possible at any time. All anyone anywhere can do is perform at their best at all times (and always keep an eye out there for fantastic opportunites ;-).

I wish you all nothing but luck and success, and I wish Molina nothing but luck and success. Don't believe everything you read or hear. Concentrate on the facts.

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Keep up the good Caid work guys! Looking good for Q2. I need that full salary for 2018. Thanks for all you do!

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Some of us know the Molina is in trouble and we accept it. I myself have chosen to wait it out, if i get laid off it's ok. I'm a nurse, there is a nursing shortage, i won't starve. So all of the "GET OUT NOW!" and "All the jobs are taken at other places." Crap doesn't scare a lot of us, for some that aren't in my position i can understand the fear, however if you're choosing to stay, you know the possible consequence. Basically, those of us still here (that are not sending resumes out) know there's a possibility of a layoff or a buyout. WE. GET. IT.

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The OP didn't mention the Kool-Aide...they drank it.

The reason I come here, is to see what is going on at Molina, that leadership isn't telling us. Not everything posted here is the truth but that's not hard to suss out. I find the opinions and thoughts of others worth hearing. I don't divide them into evil trolls and angelic heroes. If you look at some of the other organizations on this site, it reads similar to Molina. The news is bad, not the people sharing it. It is unpleasant, but it's true. I appreciate the comment here regarding the facts involved here. Face the facts or don't, but they aren't changing. Kool-Aide is denial juice. That's all. It IS undeniable the ship is sinking.

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But if It wasn’t for the Molina’s - you would have never had a job here- regardless of the situation my friend! If your the expert- step up to the plate! Let’s see what you got- instead your sitting around wondering when you can wobble down to the cafe, and complain about how your pet is stuck at home.

Poor JZ- this is the talent pool he is working with. He almost deserves that ridiculous salary having to work some of you guys.

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I dont think anything the OP said was a result of drinking any Kool-aid. They're right: you're all a bunch of evil trolls who are pissed because you drank the Molinas' Kool-aid and they crashed the company into the ground... you were probably employed because of their nepotism, not your talent or experience. Move on, folks. This isnt a good look on you.

This whole site is about companies with lay-offs. They happen everywhere... look at all the companies listed!

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Kool-Aide kills. Thinking there's an upside to busting your behind for what used to be Molina, is a waste of your dedication. If you aren't getting the Kool-Aide The People's Temple, Jonestown Massacre, November 1978. That's not fake news. If you think the talk of Molina being sold is fake news or are part of a mass career suicide. Drunk up to your heart's content, but it's no one's fault but yours.

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@SVtjIMh-1mdl Well stated. Totally agree with each and every point you've made. I have been following this site since I was let go in September and I occasionally comment. Not because I want to make others feel badly. Not because I love bad news. Because I appreciate the information that is shared (I can decide for myself what is real or made up, it's not that hard to do) and because I feel for most of the people who are jobless, afraid of being jobless or just plain interested in what is happening with Molina. By and large, I haven't seen an overriding theme of hostility on this page. There are occasional jerks but who cares? Just scroll passed them. The sound of Molina's death rattle isn't pleasant to anyone. But it's real. No one is forcing anyone to look at posts here but I surely find it helpful, in many ways. Again, @SVtjIMh-1mdl , you are spot on. Thanks so much. I couldn't agree with you more.

I say this, not to upset people who are already upset, but the job market is rough. I am working now but it took six months to find something. Lots and lots of interviewing. I've never had such a hard time finding work in the healthcare industry. I wish everyone good luck staying at Molina as long as you want or can and finding your next opportunity. This is a sad a sorry state of affairs and there is no sugar coating it.

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I agree with the first reply. All you have to do is walk through the hallways of Corp for a few days and you’ll see there is every flavor of Kool-Caid just splattered on the hallway walls.

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It is important as I read this post that all of us need to remember the facts involved here.

  1. Molina has lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of poor financial decisions that have cascaded into continued layoffs and rehires at drastically reduced salaries yet the core of the business model is still broken and is not being repaired in any true meaningful way.

  2. Bad managers have and still exist within the organization which further reinforces negative perception by the rank and file that Molina Healthcare has no sense of what it means to bring in talented people or fire the bad performers. Likewise, the business continues to fail on many fronts to that end.

  3. We are losing contracts. New Mexico and Florida losses are symptoms of the disease and expectation that more of the same will continue is apparent. Molina is a broken business and states are waking up to that and taking action.

  4. We are a takeover target and that's just fine with the major stockholders/BOD. Our market presence is small enough to put us in prime takeover / acquisition territory. Time is not on our side as potential companies like Anthem who are actively seeking smaller organizations to gobble up at a discount are circling overhead. What they are waiting for only is to see which contracts we get back before the end of the year..

  5. The stock is artificially high. Don't buy the BS about stock price. EPS estimates have us at a negative 9000 for 2018. That's bad and as we lost 15% of our business going into 2019, the company's ability to recover will continue to fail as we have less revenue to work with to pay mounting debt payments.

Remember, it's not about emotion, it's about the facts. Molina Healthcare is going down.. it's not a question of "if" anymore here, people.. no matter what anyone tries to spin, rely on the history of where Molina was vs where Molina is now.

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So you are saying everyone should be indefinitely in the denial phase, instead of waking up and facing the reality. You remind me of the boiling frog metaphor....

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Layoffs are inevitable, expect more of them. It’s a good time to sell your stocks.

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If you chose to believe that then it’s on you. How can you make a profit when you are losing contracts left and right?? There will be more layoffs. That is a fact.

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It’s not just rumors the trolls post on here, it’s purposeful fake news just to time people up. The original post was great.

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OP here...

Just wanted to add that this site has the potential to HELP current employees... if only real facts were shared (I realize that sometimes they are).

I am referring to the LIES and purposefully generated hysteria. Lies stated for the purpose of hurting others.

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Are you aware that this site is for layoff news and rumors? Seems you want more Kool Aid, as if there wasn't enough on the corporate website as well as every mainstream financial news outlet.

People come here to find out the facts, the truth, whether good or bad they just want the truth. Unlike you, who just wants more Kool Aid. May I suggest CNN, FOX, or the corporate website? You will find jugs and jugs of Kool Aid there, go get that Kool Aid smile on, knock yourself out.

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