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McDonald's posting fake job openings

I saw people say that their company is posting fake job openings and it made a connection for me I had not figured out previously. I'm a McDonald's manager and we too have a constant help wanted ad, even though we are not in need of any help.

It's been that way for as long as I've been here, almost 3 years. We get applicants, far more than we could ever need, and we politely reject them, saying things like "We'll keep your resume on file."

It's a lie, we don't.

So now I wonder, why would companies be doing this? I asked a friend and they made a good point, worth considering. Job openings are measured by ads posted, other ways too but that's one way. So, if hundreds of big corporations are continually posting fake job openings, like McDonald's where it could feasibly have thousands of "job openings" at any given moment due to so many stores.

This would create the data needed for the government to say there's tons of jobs, when there really isn't. Why would they do that? My guess is theyre trying to quell fear because it seems every day a new company goes bankrupt and thousands of jobs are lost.

Don't put it by the government to do that. They would.

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Oh, and HR needs to make themselves important.

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They have been doing this for a long time. Partly to avoid discrimination

suits, so they take any application. Partly to make make government happy so they get

things and can use more H1Bs. You know, we can't fill all these jobs we have.

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