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URGENT: JZ please read

Its obvious JZ's team is reaping though these that we have your attention, can we get work flexibility, bring pets to work, and a functional HR who truly addresses our needs and resolve our concerns???? No improvements so far.....morale is at its worse and might be the reason people are taking on a blog vs. addressing it internally? #JZyoucandoit

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not for long buddy.

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I’d bring my pet weasle but there are enough molina loyalist weasles running around the place already.

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Aadvark? pretty sure that will bring back the lice infestation.

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I demand I be allowed to bring my ardvark to work! JZ, forget the business just meddle in HR policies. Bringing my ardvark will boost my morale and improve my work product! Also, please ensure our thermostats are set at 71.7 degrees. We can’t be too hot or cold to work on Caid.

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Totally agree!! Company is tanking- some still have their jobs, that by way shouldn’t...and they are spouting out to JZ that they want to bring Lassy to work and 4 day work weeks...and we wonder why....

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My god, 1500+ people get laid off, founding family gets booted, post a $512m loss for the year and we want pets at work? Just how is that going to lower our medical costs, improve claims payment and win RFPs? Awesome priorities and no wonder we are tanking. Troll

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How do you know Joe can fix it? You must have been one of the great Caid experts

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Or a barista!

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I hope your better at flipping burgers than you are at working on Caid. Jz needs more than 5 months to fix what the Molinas and their cronies wrecked over 37 years. Duh

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I kind of hope I get laid off so that I can collect unemployment

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True; at least let's make the remaining of our time enjoyable

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So are you all gonna be surprised when the rest of this story is that Medicare and Medicaid Molina members are sold and there no jobs? I can’t, for the life of me, grasp how anyone sees any other future for Molina.

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Hope you are gained remote privileges as Molina will be relocating out of state far from ocean view costs and closer to Joe's East coast residence. Now playing remote lottery....stay tuned and don't change the dial.

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And...people are asking to bring their pets to work. So maybe that could solve 2 problems. Anyway, you guys accepted this great job at Molina- so until things change- heads down and let’s turn this thing around.

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The company could save lots of money by having employees work remote.

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Guys, put your heads down and get to work. That’s what your getting paid for. If you don’t like JZ, his condo, or the fact you can’t bring your poodle to work- seek new employment

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we will all be working at Jack in the Box soon....

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Times are different. You talk as if you were a supervisor at Jack In the Box or maybe a cashier at a donut shop....SMH


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How about you keep your heads down, do the work that you're getting paid to do. If you want to bring your pets to work - maybe you should find a job at the park. SMH.

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I agree, HR has been very crappy the years I have been here. I would think with the new HR head things would of got better but that is not the case. JZ, we plea you to come about "Project Quarters" to flush out the Human Resources department to the LA river canals...JZ, we want change!!

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Guys, JZ is here and it’s gonna take a bit of time. Hang in there on this transition. Let’s all keep our heads down and do what we can do- working on Caid and helping the org slowly regain steam with JZ guiding us through this

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I'll second this!!!! We need 4 10 hr days!!

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