Thread regarding Molina Healthcare Inc. layoffs

I don't think JZ is about caid

Molina Healthcare Selects Connecture to Launch Multi-Channel Sales Portal for Medicare Business

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FYI Connecture was implemented as a means for a digital intake point for enrollment in addition to the paper form that is mailed/faxed today through several channels. Similarly, brokers will also be able to use a separate platform to log their commission, enroll members directly etc. The project was created to streamline processes for Mcare; I was on that team. As far as I know, the project was not created to eliminate jobs but to make our Mcare LOB up to industry standards as we pretty much fall from every category from the Mcare perspective (per analysis from Deloitte). This makes sense if you think about it - if Molina wants to sell, they have to look attractive to buyers not only from a financial but operational perspective. I’m not saying that this thread is wrong, but until ACA gets repealed Mcaid will remain while Mcare gets beefed up since it is so behind as a precautionary measure. It would be plain suicide to get rid of Mcaid entirely, but rather focus on smaller growth opportunities until the company is bought.

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Our Marketing department are a bunch of idiots! No men staffed in Marketing because the VP needed a variety to screw! Now you wonder why one day to another the thots were promoted? SMH

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You can’t market Caid. States prohibit most direct marketing. The commercials are for Care. Hopefully that marketing dufus they fired in January didn’t have anything to do with them or they’ll flop like everything else he did.

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Please explain

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Molina is a Cain business at its core. Connecture was implemented last year before Jay Z and before Molina’s left.

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Are we being replaced by technology? More layoffs? That had to be $$$$. AND it only focuses on our Medicare line of business. Is Medicaid going away? I think we lost a lot of business because we did away with commercials and easy access for our caid members. Is anyone listening to those who do the job?

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Please explain?

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