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Medical savings

While some states are not saved by money and are approving acute rehab and LTAC, my state is not Whille being gasked to naked up bogus BS numbers on proposed savings, I refuse to play this game. In my case the turnip is bled to death amd their is no change to be found in the couch cushions. I am will not participate in the fabrication of made up numbers that are BS. Our member are nore complex and premiums are nit keeping pace. End of story.

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I rather have some lamb for lunch!

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Pets need to stay home while working Caid! But you can bring chicken for lunch...

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Why should my pet chicken not be allowed in the office versus just dogs? I smell a discrimination complaint. Don’t get me started on my pet gerbil. CAID PEOPLE, CAID!

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Yes! Good job guys! Let’s keep those heads down. Nice job these past few weeks working on Caid! Keep it up

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Keep working on the Caid and let the naysayers say “buh bye” — have faith. First quarter numbers will see if the post Molina turnaround is moving in the right direction.

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Huh...can u please recap in the average Joe language? I am not a politician or a medical doctor

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Yes - always keep your head up and stay strong. But when your on my time I need heads down- working on Caid like it’s a Cathy Lee sweatshop to turn this ship around. Leave the pets at home and do the job you accepted.

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Yes stay strong

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I think we all keep our heads up and stay true.

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Agree....keep your head down. Keep doing your job and JZ will take care of us. He’s here to help and get the LOBS back on track! Keep up the good fight and let’s keep working on Caid!

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Don't give up! You are exactly the right kind of person to help a company move forward. A strong company needs a strong basis. "Yes" people may lead to short term profits but long term grief. Consider where you got that directive from (was it corporate or your direct boss?}There are a lot of people invested in this company for the right reasons, like yourself. I really don't have anything more than to give you an internet hug.

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