Thread regarding Molina Healthcare Inc. layoffs

Any layoffs today???

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Well that foreman he's a riggity dog

The line boss he's a fool

Got a brand new flattop hair cut

Lord he thinks he's cool

One of these days I'm gonna blow my top

And that s---er he's gonna pay

Lord I can't wait to see their faces

When I get the nerve to say

Take this job and shove it

I ain't working here no more

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Is there a hidden idol some where 😝

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“Guys- tribe has spoken please bring your torch and exit survivor island”

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Lol. Molina island- Survivor

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I feel as if I’m on one of those reality shows where someone gets voted off the island each week. Not sure how I’ve managed to avoid getting sacked myself.

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They’ve gotten rid of a lot of Terry’s pets but some state leaders who she put into place need to go. I’m sure they will in time.

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Whoever posted about Ohio losing money, that is not accurate. Look at the last earnings call where Joe stated "Of our four largest health plans that generated over 2 billion annually in core business premium revenue, three California, Ohio, and Washington operated at medical care ratios that were at least 200 basis points below our consolidated core medical care ratio of 91%". Ohio has lost business but u can thank Trump for shortening the ACA sign ups and as for money we lost our tails due to him cutting subsidies.But Ohio is not losing money like that.

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I just wish JZ would walk these VPs out for good at long beach Corp. Its absurd that Terry's pets (no you can't bring pets to work) still have their jobs. SMH

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Not for long. Patience is key. JZ is some wise guy.

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Yeah, even though the Molina’s are gone...the Molina’s friends and family program is still in existence

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95% is accurate. It was here who informed the world about the layoffs before they happened. Stay connected. Lists are being now kept out of reach of others due to leaks, but some some stuff is still being leaked.

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I don't know who keeps asking but I think folks found a voice here. A place to vent. To chat with their peers. MAYBE in hopes of some answers. I don't know about other states but Ohio has lost money and business. They have brought back auditing. There is an over all uneasiness. No one feels safe anymore. SO people ask!

You have a problem with that?

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It'd be great if whoever keeps asking about layoffs would crawl back under the rock from whence they came.

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Anybody get walked out today?

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No I’m sure joe is busy implementing all your idiotic suggestions because you’re so smart that you kept us from the brink before he got here. Yes we want change starting with the no-Caid working trolls on here b--ching about the fact they still have a job while second-guessing things you know nothing about.

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Mr. JZ! On top of VP's, I recommend you looking into all Directors and possibly Managers and you will see the correlation with VP's and the Molina's. It's a very messy triangle.

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makes sense....let’s see if it happens

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Word has it all current standing SVP's and VP's who were around Molina times, who have not been canned, are up. It's all in waves to transition them out without impacting business operations. Also trimming down in areas.

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Not sure....we need to ask Joe...but I think he’s busy posting on another post right now

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