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Toxic Culture

OPTUM Technologies has new leadership and from what I witnessing they are forcing everyone to work weekends and this has created a toxic workplace. In my honest opinion I think this is by design. To make your work environment so miserable that staff will leave to avoid layoffs in order to bring in offshore staff at a fraction of the price. Very sad to see that the value of employees are lost in America.

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That is the how Optum has always operated. Give us your 8 hours, 5 days a week + week nights + your weekends. Enjoy your 1.5% raise and your laughable bonus, but just remember... you are lucky that Optum lets you work for them.

Once you leave Optum, it is VERY easy to see just how much they do not care about employees or members, the only item of concern is the stock price and share holder value.

If you are still there and reading this: Accept that it is time to move on, s--- it up, and start searching. Your health, happiness, and personal life will all improve when you get out.

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Google "constructive termimation"

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Brace brace for impact! Next two days spring clean up. All BS ppt warriors, meaningless meeting arrangers keep working non stop.

God bless your valueless contribution.

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