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By the time they announce 2Q results...

We were told this past Fri that last week's RIF was a continuation of what had happened late last year; however I recall being told earlier this year that everyone was safe for awhile. By the time 2Q results are being scrutinized, if we on the MMS side haven't been awarded any major wins, it will be a revolving door. Many of us won't bother waiting until then. As is always the case, it's the good talent that leaves on their own.

Found this post buried in another thread ( @Ss2iose-2zzd ), thought it should be more visible

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True. Be proactive and start packing instead of wondering and crying for safety.

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The lay offs are continuing. All signs point to no one is safe. Let's get over this "safety" illusion already.

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This is a difficult time for those at Molina and certainly for those who have been let go. For someone to post a comment belittling a contributor to these blogs is a waste of everyone's time and cowardly. And yes, I have read previous posts but I'm sure I may have missed a couple.

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Aren’t you reading previous posts? This post is redundant. You should be on the layoff list for sure!

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Never trust Molina EVER!!!

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