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Any word on the status of the back pay for nurses?

I know people that never worked a minute of OT and they received checks for 6k, but how about those of us that did daily OT because we were taking care of Caid members, and have received nada. Do all states have to start a class action suit to get back pay?

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It’s not just nurses, all case managers. We have the emails from HR stating we’re getting back pay. Forwarded to personal emails along with communication from HR saying there are “no updates at this time”. Basically they think they can get away with not paying us. Molina needs to realize case managers are crucial for avoiding law suits and if not treated right they’ll face litigation from their own.

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Sorry, but HR and Joe White are packing up. Please reach out to JZ.

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That's already been completed. It is back at Molina's hands and HR says nothing and Joe White never responded. It's just another sad lack of care for staff that work hard for members on Caid.

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You should contact your state’s Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division for OT questions. I know that in some states putting nurses on salary is not allowed unless they supervise a minimum number of employees.

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