Thread regarding Molina Healthcare Inc. layoffs

Mass Layoffs coming to New Mexico

There will be a mass layoff in New Mexico between now and

the Fall. Whats being told to employees in new mexico is

their jobs are safe but this is not the truth. HR/ Other departments is running a

inventory of employees in mexico as well as transportation and logistics of molina property.

Project Nickle

I noticed Molina is using several catagories to layoff employees

  1. Position Elimination

  2. Restructure

  3. Department Closure

  4. Function Relocated to another site

  5. Position Elimination Lack of work

  6. Project Nickel Continued Redesign

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PinkSnitch.....What about other depts like HCS & corporate......Anything on the horizon?.

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Hopefully since Centene is new to NM many employees can hired in there. Sad

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