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I heard MHI had layoffs today. Who was hit?

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No, @T6pyhE7-2gsd, I do not know about the Project Management Team layoffs. Heard some vague comments and then no one confirmed. Am asking.

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Molina Center receptionist replaced by a security. There were a few front desk receptionist at two locations and alternates that were part of facilities to provide breaks. Those positions were eliminated and employees laid off replaced by ambassador/ security personelle. Front desk receptionist at Hughes way and Molina center in LB. All the calls were sent to the contact center. A few other people were laid off in other departments within corporate. Not sure if HP were impacted.


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@T6pyhE7-4lhu Thank you. That is helpful.

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I can validate that the two receptionist at Hughes Way have been replaced by an Ambassador/Security Guard.

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@T6pyhE7-4uzn "If you don't know, please don't share in this blog"? Really? So, no questions are allowed? Just answer the question, if you know the answer. Yea yea yea, there are multiple locations in Long Beach....not all of them had/have receptionists. As far as I can tell, this question remains unanswered. The Long Beach locations have been reduced as no one is working in the World Trade Center any longer. Press Telegram and Meeker Baker, plus the Towers are still occupied by Molina.

Anyway....can anyone state where the receptionists were let go from?

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For your information they had two receptionist per location. If you don’t know please don’t share in this blog . Keep in mind the Molina offices are in multiple locations in Long Beach.

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@T6pyhE7-2gsd There are Program and Project Managers through out the entire company. Do you mean all of them or are you speaking is the Project Management Team?

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I’m sorry but “all the front desk receptionists” really doesn’t explain this. There were only two or three people who worked at the Long Beach offices front desk. Other than those, no other departments had actual receptionists. There are administrative assistants and executive assistants all through out the company. I just don’t know who you are speaking of, that were laid off.

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I heard May first week Program / Project Managers were laid off in Long Beach. Is it true?

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That’s what it means the front desk receptionist were all laid off!

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What does that mean, "all the receptionists"? Do you mean all the administrative folks?

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All the receptionists.

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