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I just found out the 21 regional offices are being reduced to 10.

My wife worked over five years for McDonalds from 2012 to 2017. I saw how the corporate culture changed in those five years, not not for the better.

Yes, at first it was a company that offered upward mobility if you worked hard, bought in to the brand culture, and were willing to relocate at any time for any reason. work harder than ever, no upward mobility, you still have to relocate.....but you are just waiting for the inevitable tap on the shoulder. Now, I am talking about McOpco.....working for the corporation....not the owner operators.

I believe the real reason The corporation wants to sell of its corporate owned stores to owner operators is because they do not directly want to deal with unions.....the fight for $15 etc. They have already divested many stores and entire regions, like New York metro, no longer exist. I have many friends at McDonalds in upper management, they are scared and they know the future is bleak.

Why do you think they have a Brit come in as CEO? He has no allegiance to anyone in the U.S. and at the end of the day....when MCOpco is gone.....and it will be.....he will go back to England with a big ole bonus check and a job well done from the board of directors.

I just found out the 21 regional offices are being reduced to 10. That means at least several hundred employees are out of a job that supported the 11 offices that are being closed......other employees will be asked to move to one of the remaining offices......just to prolong the inevitable.....when more stores are divested and more regional offices are closed.

My wife and I saw this happening a little over a year ago....after the last consolidation. She decided to get she is stress or anxiety..... This is an on going venture guys.......all I can say is leave on YOUR terms.......not not move your family to a region you do not want to stay at after you have been terminated.

Think of your physical and emotional Health....think of your family!!!!!

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I’m so glad I read this, the regional office where I have been working for 3 years is closing. Just yesterday a position open in a different city, and they asked me about it. I’m so glad I gave them a firm “No” because l agree with you, this will only prolong the inevitable. I’m done with MCD and ready for the next chapter in my life.

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You are certainly correct about the current culture at McDonald’s. MCOpco wil either be very small or gone. I would add that the move to Chicago is an attempt to get a younger and cheaper workforce, a move that will bite them in the end. I know of a person relocated to Denver a year ago that was just terminated. I came to McD only a few years ago and upward mobility was the primary reason, I am leaving on my own terms now for a better opportunity. Heed the advice, stay only if u are near retirement and look eslwhere if not.

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