Thread regarding Time Warner Inc. layoffs

What should TW employees expect and how soon are layoff expected?

Never been theough a merge. Im hearing different things. If a layoff awaits, how soon can it start?

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They will lie to your face to keep you working, and use any means to cut their costs, this is always primary.

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Expect a few early "retirees" in the first couple of months, but the real slaughter will happen 6-8 months from now.

And beware of any announcement of a "reorg" because that's code for some serious layoffs.

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Amen to ex-AT&T comment from another ex. Our provisioning tech center was told the center was good for 5 more years. Two weeks afterwards was told center(200 techs) would be shut down and it did. PM jobs (pmp and non-pmp)were off-shored.

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i'm an ex ATT employee, and they have been pretty much gutting all older legacy AT&T employees, not to mention Direct TV after they screwed that company up. Most of the employees in IT are off shore and Contract. They know have a lot of debt to pay off from the merger and need to pay it somehow. I feel for you all.

The culture was very toxic, political, and back stabbing.

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