Thread regarding West Corp. layoffs

This company is lost

We lost some very good people at Televox. I’m angry and pissed. We have always been a profitable division of West and we are just getting screwed over. Not only have we been getting screwed for years with no SIP because other divisions were lagging and the company was missing targets.

Now we lose great people for no damn good reason. This company is lost. There is zero direction and it’s obvious the executives have no clue what we do or what our products do or what our customers want. I’m convinced that this is some kind of tax scam or grand money laundering scheme. Notice they never said what they were doing with the corporate tax cut windfall they got this year.

They are literally sabotaging the company and not even trying to turn it around. We barely have the staff now to keep things running and in some cases don’t have enough because you let go or lost all the SME’s.

Customers should run away as fast as they can.

Posted by @TNUtPQC-1kkx, completely on point.

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