Thread regarding GE Aviation layoffs

GE Aviation is no different than any GE run business when times are good

... GE Corporate dictates GE discounts are to be made when GE capital pays a bill within agreed PO terms. Early payment discount we call it. Total joke.

Ask the suppliers what the price is for the item if GE pays with say 45 days with no discount taken. At least 3.5-5% lower. The damn early payment discount is factored into cost money. Same goes for stringing suppliers out 120 days...cost of money is factored into invoice to GE. Pay your bills on time with no games and cost of goods goes down. Margins on orders are not high enough, GE corporate demands they should be higher... really?

The problem with GE is it's leaders. They shuffle from one business doing poorly to business's that are doing well. They get their CAS ticket punched and push paper around and don't know crap about the product lines they manage. Russell Stokes is a classic example of this except Power is in a down cycle. Measure X's predict Y's BS. Again run the business like you own it ...GE leadership not by metrics and what the wall street analysts wants from you. GE is f_-cking looser of company due to it corporate leadership. That is the problem with GE.

They need people from outside that know how to run a company with the core assets they own. Also, if all the employees had skin the game ESOP or incentive to work the ship could be turned. Right now the GE titanic is steaming ahead with boat anchor hanging off the side named John Flannery.

Yep lots of changes have been made by GE but fundamentally the biggest issue is the captain and his immediate crew.

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