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FL Molina Checked out

It feels like FL has already given up. The lack of communication and incompetence is staggering. Does everyone not care anymore or did they just lay off so many employees that there is no one left to do the work?

I surely hope that if we do win any appeals they do something about our management. Obviously we are in this predicament because they lead us here.

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Florida is looking out for it's underserved and avoiding contracting with a sinking ship. Good for them. Bad for us at Molina.

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We won’t win appeals.. Florida wanted MOLINA out and for good reason.. just like NM.. this organization is a toxic stew of bad executive management, corrupt board members and complete and utter disfunction..

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This is so heartbreaking to hear. I suspect this is the general attitude all over the company. Poor members. I don't hear mention of them often on this site (understandably, everyone is worried about their jobs and their own families) but I have been very worried for our members.

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