Thread regarding FMC Technologies Inc. layoffs

June 15 layoffs at FMC Technologies

Heads will roll. June 15. It is unofficially confirmed.

Is this true? Or is somebody just throwing out a date for the "fun" of it?

If it is true, anybody has any more info on it? How many, which locations will be hit the most?

Anything in addition to the date?

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RIW is imminent. Be prepared. Management does want you to know. But the cat is out of the bag.

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fake news!

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Real date is July 16th. Will hit every dept. Stay Strong FMC

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Just wondered how many heads didn't roll on the fake news for June 15th loser!

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Needs to be management. In 30+ years i have never seen a company ran by such criminal incompetence.

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Subsea cuts?

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Cut deep and cut quickly to prevent further reduction in morale. The negativity in the offices needs to be removed along with those not pulling their own weight.

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It will not be on the 15th.........that is a Friday and half the people will be off! It is June the 11th

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Less than two weeks to go.

Looks like it's across the board.

Not sure of percentage.

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Which group will be impacted?

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Agreed. This will go on for a while because of the merger. Although they are actively participating in job fairs, they will continue to get rid of people who do not fit with their jacked up view of the global world. Sad. But kind of funny since Brexit was won.

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Can confirm. It’s a go. More information will follow when it is available. Hang tough.

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