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Now they are just managing people out

Don't give you any work and you end up looking for your stapler. This place is a dump and the culture is toxic! Everybody there is drinking the same mix of delusions. Whatever they think they are going to do is in a long term plan or they are just waiting to get bought. There is no culture, no plan of action as much as the VPs just sit there trying to look pretty with cute names for their projects that are telling, but the sheep just don't get. just a bunch of robots or 2 step ai. It's really funny though how they try to make the job seem interesting or how they are making your career. I work there and honestly feel dumber. Do yourself a favor and find a good corner to hide in or go somewhere else. But don't ever speak your mind or opinion, you'll out yourself and you'll be managed out.

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I totally agree with the original post here. The lack of any culture or decisive, meaningful change is telling. I hear next month will bring a big cut back in labor expense. Working here has become sketchy, at best. Waiting for the next wave and seeing all these people drinking the kook aide is annoying but in the end......when I'm competing with them for jobs this summer, I'll be confident I'm a better candidate than the kool aide drinkers.

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Well until the legacy folk that were under Terry are gone- we are all kind of stuck. Good luck!

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