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UNH Layoffs

More layoffs?

We've had layoffs nearly monthly lately thanks to the company's decision to ship as many of our jobs as it can across the border (i hear Philippines are currently the destination of choice.)

Anybody here knows if we are looking at more layoffs at the start of June? If the same pattern continues, that's exactly when we could see more layoffs.

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What state? What department? I was laid off on Aug 30th as well, trying to get a petition together for a trade act certification. They are clearly backfilling these US based jobs with “OGS” positions.

This will at least help those of us who are affected get some training and re-enter the job force.

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Today, Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffet, and Jeff Bezos announced that Atul Gawande MD would be Chief Medical Officer of their new Healthcare venture. Atul is a once in a millennium visionary. Just read his books. Once this venture is running, the ASO business will disappear at United. United is led by Suno Wrestler Doc Migliori Who is an oversized dimwit who hasn’t been associated with Clinical Medicine in 40 years. That goes double for Judy Fujimoto MDMBA, Edwin Sakamoto MD, and the illustrious Sam Ho MD. Sam Ho’s background is in venereal diseases. Watch out below. The ASO segment will disappear just like a Tricare. Leave and find something else.

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Look into taa benefits

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