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We have reached the point of no return

You can rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic but it doesn't change the outcome of the end." There won't be a sequel movie for West. West new leadership has lost the ship and along with it, the morale of most of the staff employees. I can't agree more with seasoned employees just giving up in frustration. Soo many great people are leaving on their own, staff retention is starting to become an issue again. In a growing economy West cannot afford the rise of others offering jobs and thus hope to keep people on board.

I have seen over the last 3 months people who used to really care just flat give up. People who are the Golden Handcuffed just have flat stop caring. People who know their stuff, people willing to stay because they feel the ownership and pride in what they have accomplished. When you have lost these people, you have lost your workforce and no additional VPs can fix this - even from remote location.

I think honestly we have a reached the point of no return anything from here on is too little too late. I’m glad to be one who’s moving on to a new employer. Others need to do the same because you might not be selected to stay once new buyers take over.

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I'm just lost for words and can't concentrate on finishing up tasks. It's so hard to talk to clients I've been helping through hard issues for months getting things resolved.

I can move on but some of these issues take months to resolve and the next person who takes them over will mess up.

Irritated with the after effects of the separation.

I know not to depend on any employee but I owe a lot to my clients.


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Looking for jobs as well... lucky enough I had some phone calls coming my way.. already one foot out the door

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I absolutely AGREE. Looking as we speak

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West isn't relevant.

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