Thread regarding ConAgra Foods Inc. layoffs

S---ers LOL

Sean intentionally diluted stock value to purchase pinnacle. Stole the crisp stock from the employee benefit when ethically it wasn't his to take. This guy is a thief without morals. The investors are s---ers that will get undermined in the future. LOL

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It certainly isn't flying on a commercial airline.

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It amazes me that people keep giving Sean their approval when he keeps taking money directly out of their pockets every day. They look at their yearly bonus with glittering greedy eyes not remembering that they keep paying more for their benefits and no longer have those long cherished extras that made working for ConAgra a pleasure. We all need to tighten our belts and work harder while Sean and his crapweasles rake in the cash. Please tell me exactly what Sean has sacrificed for the good of the company.

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